Angry Sparrows (Aka fixing a driveshaft)


The needle bearings from one of the u-joints.. This wasn't the worst


The shaft of one of the worse u-joints.. This one had no needle bearings left.

year my front drive shaft started squealing. After a frustrating time trying to get it fixed by the dealership under warranty, I eventually pulled the drive shaft and replaced the u-joints and centering ball myself. As you can tell from the pictures taken shortly after my last trip to the dealership, they were rather destroyed..  It’s actually a pretty simple process, and a cheap u-joint tool from Princes Auto helped a lot… If only getting a dealership to do a proper warranty repair was this easy….

So, if you hear the angry sparrows a calling from your drive shaft, and lubricating does not help, replace those u-joints!

If you’re looking for a write-up on how to do this, I recommend Stu Offroad’s writeup:

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